Ides of Fall

Live in Concert: The Wild Feathers at El Rey in Los Angeles (10/29)

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Live in Concert: The Wild Feathers at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco (10/28)

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The panic attack you have when your favorite band announces their tour.


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I’m going to miss home when I move.

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Guys in the band continued…

|| Jared ||

It’s hard to say how many cities, gas stations, coffee shops, motels, bars, venues, and homes I’ve been to with this guy in the past 3 years of doing this crazy traveling band thing, not to mention the past 10 some-odd years of knowing each other, and we’re just gettin’ started, and still the best of friends.

It’s hard for me to write about Jared in a way that seems to do any justice to the love and admiration I have for him. We’ve been through a whole heap of things together, and have always relentlessly supported each other and pushed through anything that has come our way. We’ve certainly had our good times well out-way any bad, and I wouldn’t be the same fella I am today if it wasn’t for our friendship. We have laughed and adventured our way through our teenage years and into this thing I suppose you’d call adulthood, and for that I am blessed and grateful.

Jared started our band. It was his dream and his hard work that brought us all on board, and I don’t know if he even dreamed it would get to where it has so far, but I’m sure glad he called Larry that day.

Jared is handsome, and his character is as handsome as his looks, it really is. He’s a loyal and loving son and brother. He’s a faithful and helpful friend. He remembers birthdays, and he always greets people with a honest and excited hug or a firm handshake (people always have told me how welcomed and cherished they feel around Jared) He thinks of others well before himself, in fact some would say he should think more about himself, but that would take away from Jared’s honest humbleness. Jared will swing a girl around a dance floor, buy her a drink, and hold the door for her. He’s a gentlemen. He loves his mother and always helps her cook. He celebrates his victories, he admits his defeats and when he’s done wrong (a trait I admire greatly and that most people struggle with) and he always keeps his chin up. He writes beautiful songs, keeps this crazy band moving, and is intentional in nearly everything he does. He loves deeply and wears his heart on his sleeve, but you’d be a fool to think him weak - the dude always pushes through. He can make me laugh about anything, I mean anything, keeps me in check, and celebrates who I am, and anyone else he loves and anyone in the band would say the same. We’re as hardheaded as brothers with each other. We crack each other up like little middle school best friends. We love each other like family, and defend each other to the end.

Jared is my best friend, and for that I’m a lucky fella.

This guy… This damn guy…

My god. Someone write something amazing like this for me. JK I’m a piece of shit. 

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Ready for that concert life ✌️

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And here’s the gif that sums up my whole existence.

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Feeling good after my weird PB and cocoa powder binge last night. No ragrets, not even one letter.

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